Executive Board


Left: David Mollenkopf, Past President: (Crabb Insurance Agency); Julie Needs, Treasurer: (Sustainable Opportunity Development Center); Dan Scarpitti, President : (Hunter Associates); Nate Mullen, 1st Vice President: (Morris Financial) and 2nd Vice President, Janice Jasinski : (Schroedel, Scullin and Bestic, CPA’s) .

Salem Area Chamber's Executive Board

The Executive Board is a subset of the board of directors made up of the officers and the Executive Director. The Executive Board meets monthly, separate from the regular board meetings, to discuss and decide on matters of importance to the Salem Chamber and its members.

Executive Board Members for 2018

Dan Scarpitti
Current President of the Salem Chamber board of directors. Hunter Associates.

Nate Mullen
First Vice President. Morris Financial.

Janice Jasinski
Second Vice President. Schroedel, Scullin and Bestic, CPA’s.

Julie Needs
Salem Chamber Treasurer. Sustainable Opportunity Development Center.

David Mollenkopf
Outgoing Past President. Crabb Insurance Agency.

Lori Jewell
Salem Area Chamber Executive Director.