Salem Chamber’s Gallery of Art

The Salem Chamber showcases local artists with its Gallery of Art. View galleries below!

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Gallery of Art Mission
To increase art presence in the City of Salem and provide a platform for artists to showcase their creations which honor the past, respond to the present and inspire the future.

Gallery of Art Purpose
To bridge the gap between the established and emerging artists and the community, by providing a solo exhibition showcasing and sharing their work through exposure, recognition, and connections to the community.


Thanks to our 2023 sponsor for the Gallery of Art, Fairway Independent Mortgage.

2023 Sponsor for Gallery of Art


Art Demo March 22, 2023, Wayne Niemi


Meet the Artist Mar 10 2023, Wayne Niemi


Art Demo, March 2023, Nancy Hawkins

Meet the Artist, February 2023

Gallery of Art, January 2023

Gallery of Art, October 2022

Gallery of Art, September 2022